The best courses are long-term projects.  If your instructional design team treats each course like it’s finished once the initial design is piloted and implemented, you are giving up the opportunity to take a good course and make it a great one.

Remember that blue sky design?  We started there for a reason.  The goals for the course are still out there, but in order to achieve them your instructional design team and the professor need to stay in contact.  Negotiation goes beyond looking at what is working and fixing what isn’t.

Negotiation takes you back to the hopes and dreams for the course.

Longleat Maze
Longleat Maze

It is very hard to know how to get from good to great.  Even though time may have passed, you may not have any new tools or techniques to throw at your project.  But what you and the instructor have is experience — experience with this course and the students who are interested in it. That experience is the most valuable asset you have, so make sure you are taking advantage of it.  It will suggest small changes, incremental improvements that will move the course closer to the goals your professor laid out on day one.

None of us can hope to create the best course in one sitting.  Design, like the teaching it supports, is based on learning.