Why “LEARN”?

The LEARN model got its name because I can’t let go of “learning.”  But learning has gotten a rap lately; it’s not measurable.  We have  to chase it out of our outcomes and our objectives.  The word learn is not welcome on many syllabi today.

I was in a QM training workshop a little over a year ago, and this topic came up in the discussion board.  To a person, the participants in the workshop were dismayed that the system is pushing “learn” out of the way we think about our classes.  I spoke pretty passionately in defense of the word learn, and that engagement was rewarded with a “B” for  the assignment.  The message was clear, learn has gotta go.

My colleague John Jones and I are drawing the line with the Green Light initiative.  Today’s assessment paradigm can take the verb learn from our outcomes, but it can’t take it from our classes.  Higher education is constructed on the love of learning.  Learning is our foundation.  Helping people learn how to learn is our job.

Welcome to the LEARN model.  Like everything in Green Light, LEARN is “under construction.”  We want your feedback; we want to learn from your experiences.  If you have comments or suggestions, contact us.

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