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Learn Green Light is the web site for Green Light Design, a conceptual framework for instructional design and educational delivery for higher education. What you’ll find here is truth — truth about what is going on in the trenches, truth like sunlight to speed healing and growth.

Dr. Carolyn Speer Schmidt 

Carolyn is  the Manager of Instructional Design and Technology at Wichita State University. Prior to that, she worked as an Assistant Professor of English at Friends University and later as a freelance online instructional designer and online political science professor with various colleges across the country. Carolyn has her BA in political science from the University of Kansas and her MA in political science from the University of Iowa. In 2005, she received her Ph.D. in adult and continuing education from Kansas State. Since then, she has attended two years of culinary school at the Iowa Culinary Institute and is now finishing an MA in history at Wichita State.

Carolyn brings over twenty years of teaching and curriculum development experience along with her personal dedication to lifelong learning. She is student-driven in her approach to course and program development, and begins every project with the question, “what do the students need and want from this experience?”


John P. Jones

John P JonesJohn Jones is the Director of the Media Resources Center at Wichita State University. Prior to his work in the Media Resources Center, John has worked in Higher Ed, K-12 Ed, Coporate training, internet startups, and has held other positions at Wichita State University.

John attended Wichita State University, completing his MFA in Fiction in 1999. He also attended K-State, where he completed an MA in English and Creative Writing in 1996. He has ten years of teaching experience as a graduate assistant and adjunct for K-State, Butler County Community College, Newman University, and Wichita State University.

John’s focus is on management and leadership of creative teams.

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