Green Light Design (GLD)

What is Green Light Design?

Green Light Design is a set of design ideas and principals founded on the idea that speaking truth to everyone, being open minded and open hearted in our design and instructional spaces, and working with everyone as if their primary goal is student success and learning.

Green Light Design is not a replacement for more technical design theories. Available taxonomies, rubrics, and tools are all work fine, and whichever one fit your needs is probably a good choice. GLD is more a philosophical, conceptual framework that embraces those technical solutions so long as they continue to meet the needs of our students and instructors.

Green Light Design is about people. It’s about honoring the personal flavor and contributions of each instructor, about building effective learning experiences for students, and creating an environment for a team of creative instructional designers to flourish.

Green Light Design is about your class. About your students, about the time you spend at the kitchen table late at night getting things ready for your class, and about your students at their own kitchen tables trying to learn your material. It’s about all of us.

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