Green Light Design and Technology

I’m a tech-oriented guy. I spent years building educational web sites, working in educational technology, developing technology training. At home I love gadgets and crave the latest toys.  Its a huge part of who I am.

And I’m going to be the first one to tell you that Green Light Design is not about technology. It’s not about promoting one tool over another, or how best to use the tools that we have or might want to get.

Green Light Design is about getting past conversations about tools and back to our curiosity, our humanity, our desire to teach and learn and grow.

Learning is an essentially human activity. We have always used tools to learn, and to share learning, and those tools have always made it easier to do some parts of the work, but in the end, good learning is something that humans do, with or without the help of other humans.

One of the ways we can hurt ourselves and our clients as instructional designers is to lose sight of that essential truth in the face of the technical work that we can do.  We invest our time and effort in helping someone learn to use their Learning Management System to grade student work more quickly.

And because that technical training is easy and measurable, and even very useful — we forget that we should also be teaching the human at one end of that conversation to be a real person, and to connect with the person at the other end of that conversation.

Green Light Design is about designing for humans. We will not ask you to eschew technology — we love ours and expect you to love yours. But we want to ask you take the time to life your eyes up from the technology and see past it to the human conversation the technology is serving. And make sure we’re working on those connections as much as we are on the technological connections.

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